St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena was born in Siena (Italy March 25, 1347).

She was the twin sister of Jeanne mouru shortly after.

Catherine was a child of great grace and very cheerful. Maturity astonished his relatives and his wise words caused people to good. Invaded the peace on contact.

At the age of five, she bent the knee and saluted the Virgin Mary.

Around the age of six, she had her first vision. She saw Christ and she saw bless.

From that moment, God's love never left his heart and devotion did not stop.


She prayed and meditated assiduously collected and increasingly in silence.


In its seventh year, she made a vow of chastity (she had the maturity of a 60 year old).

Her parents absolutely wanted to marry her and they tried everything to get their way.

But Catherine was determined to devote his life to Christ.

After a period of bullying from her parents, she ends up making them see reason.

His parents finally understand Catherine's devotion and give him their blessing.


During the bullying, she no longer had the right to have a private room where she could retire to pray and meditate.

She then decided to build his "inner chamber" his cell from which she will never come out.



Some time later, Catherine had a dream in which she saw the Blessed Dominic.

Catherine is determined to enter his order. Seeing his will and after several appearances which he was subject, his father accepts that she returned to the convent.

It was at the age of sixteen she takes the mantle of the Dominican Order.

She cares for the sick and takes care of the poor. She miraculously heals people

Catherine eats less and less and eventually only eat bread.

Catherine increasingly visions.


Catherine has an influence on the papacy in Avignon.


In his writings, Catherine says to attain wisdom by knowing oneself.
She says he must go in yourself, in our "inner cell".
For Catherine, this knowledge of oneself through the eyes of God.

It was declared Blessed by the Church and canonized April 29, 1461.

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