The Sunrise

The Sunrise
The sun's rays are warm, radiant and pure because they have an immense love that drives them to distribute all the richness and abundance of which the Sun is full. The Sun is alive, intelligent, conscious. Its rays contain power, wealth, clarity and purity. There is only one creature that is beyond anything we can imagine in intelligence, love, power, generosity immortality: the Sun
The sun is an inexhaustible source. In his desire to give it fills. He sends its rays, but at the same time, he constantly receives new energies of infinity, the immensity of the absolute. Only those who want to work for the Light, love, justice will feel bound to the sun. We must seek and love the sun. Sunrise is a great time to communicate with this being generous.
Sunrise, there is a flame to which you can turn your heart. The night before, eat sensibly and do not lie too late. Clear your mind of all concerns. You expect the first ray of the sun, you say a few words to ask for truth, love, light, health, joy. You ask its rays traverse your body and cleanse.
Every morning, coming to see the sun rise, think that you are linking to it, it is his mind that you make friends ... A Spirit of the Sun which is the Spirit of Christ, an offshoot of God himself. Your mind must exhibit, bind to the Sun penetrate it. You will then dive into another world and here you get enlightenment, knowledge. Thank the Sun, this being so generous and good, love it. Be aware that without it all life would be impossible.
When you feel tired, angry, sad, discouraged, take the vacuum in you, find a quiet place and enjoy the sunshine. Stand facing the sun, close your eyes and let the calm in your head. Point the palm of your hands toward the sun.
Bask in the warmth, admire the colors that appear before your eyes closed. Feel the love penetrate your body. Let the light enter your cells. You can contact your distress to the Sun, asking him to soothe you. When you feel better, thank the Sun have helped you. Thank and feel peace within you.
Source: The Splendors of Thiphéret Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Prosveta Editions
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