"We are on the eve of the big Christmas party where the Master hears claims that the Virgin sent him to us.

On this Christmas Eve, we must pray that God will hear our humble prayer and assist us during the year.

The prayer is comfort, it is the daily bread that we ask the Creator is the bread of the soul. "

Source: Life and Teaching of John Chapas, disciple of Master Philippe de Lyon Philippe Collin


"The Christmas holiday is a cosmic phenomenon.

In a year, the sun passes through four cardinal points and, at that time, forces and energy is discharged not only on humans, but in all of nature, vegetation, animals and even on other planets.

In nature, the Christ is born every year on 25 December.


The night of December 25 is the longest night. From that date, the nights begin to diminish and the days grow longer.

There is more light, more heat, more life and this is reflected on all creatures.


December 25 occurs in nature the birth of the Christ Principle; that is to say, this life, this light, this heat that will transform everything.


At that time, as in heaven, this festival is celebrated.

Angels sing and all the great Masters and Initiates gathered to pray, to give glory to the Lord and celebrate the birth of Christ really born in the Universe.


Be aware of the importance of this event to receive the grace and love of Heaven.


Christ must be born in every human soul so that she could feel the heat, light, goodness, happiness, liberation. "


In the Beginning was the Word of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov the Editions Provesta

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