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Early in the book, Ronna Herman talks about his spiritual awakening, its first communication by automatic writing, of its lines and finally meeting with Archangel Michael.

The Archangel Michael asks us to transform us, to use our potential to save our planet and ourselves.
He told us not to be swayed to remain focused on our soul, to transmit information so that others can access their own conscience.

The Archangel Michael asks us to observe our thoughts, our actions, work to create a loving kind, tolerant, to commune with our Higher Self.

The Archangel Michael teaches us to use the violet flame and gives us meditations, prayers.

He asks our collaboration to transform our beloved Earth resplendent Etoile.

The Archangel Michael says:

"Be assimilating of Truth, Love and Knowledge.
Simplify your life, forsake what is most useful to you

Put your gifts into practice because time

You can change things

Ignorance, the stress can be reversed by waves of Love and Wisdom. "

The Archangel Michael tells us how we undo karmic ties, talks about the children of today that are more sensitive, closer to the Spirit.

He tells us that each of us can contribute something and share it.

The Archangel Michael said:

"My heart overflows with love for you
I am with you always

I am Archangel Michael "

Source: On the Transformation Wings Volume I - Message of hope and power of Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman to Ariane Editions

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